10 Games That Lied Right to Our Faces

The Bouncer


When I saw the trailers for this game I got a little excited. I remember the joys of playing Final Fight for hours on end in the arcade. So naturally when a new beat-em-up style game was coming out, I wanted to play it. It had a cool art style and some seriously intense cutscenes. So I grabbed it up for my PlayStation 2 and headed to the house. I called a buddy over so we could bloody our knuckles together, but once I got past the awesome opening cutscene, I realized that this game was exactly like Final Fight, only prettier. No plot, repetitive controls and linear gameplay all added up to one serious snoozer of a game. Maybe if they had added some sort of two-player, fight off it might have been better, but it ended up just being another of the lackluster titles in the PS2 catalog.

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