10 Old School Hotties That Still Got It

Morrigan Aensland


This sexy succubus started heating up our gaming consoles in 1994 and had been melting hearts and consoles ever since. She has appeared in nearly every Capcom fighting game since her arrival from the depths of Hell…well, Hell via Scotland apparently. But that’s neither here nor there. She has been featured as a playable character nearly as many times as Ryu or Ken from the Street Fighter series. But truth be told, I know that I would much rather watch Morrigan in action than either of those two. I mean, she’s even showed up as a secret character in a golf game! How many of the other Capcom beauties can say that they were so lusted after that they even got used to spice up a bad golf game (We love Golf on the Wii, if you were wondering)? Yep, that’s how much every dude who has ever seen her has wanted to see her everywhere. And at this point in her history, they nearly have.

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