Top 10 Super Mario Facts You Never Knew!

It’s been 30 years since he debuted, but Super Mario is back once again, and he’s better than ever! Everyone’s favorite Italian plumber will once again take center stage when his solo title Super Mario Maker hits stores September 11 exclusively for the Wii U. It’s hard to imagine that Mario has made it to 30 - his debut on the NES still feels like yesterday.

The lovable hero has grown and evolved over time from a 2-D pixellated man that was barely identifiable to the 3-D work of art that gamers have come to adore. Mario still manages to capture the hearts of gamers across the entire platform, even after all these years. He could single-handedly be responsible for propping Nintendo up through its ups and downs over the past decade. Mario has truly been a joy and a common place for all gamers to gravitate toward. In honor of the old dog turning 30, here is our list of the top ten facts you never knew about Super Mario. 

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