Top Superhero Flicks We're Super Excited For!

Next month’s highly anticipated release of Star Wars: Episode VII is the perfect reminder of just how much we love fawning over fictional characters on the silver screen. Heck, it’s the reason why so many people blindly purchased Star Wars: Battlefront – it’s the closest thing they’ve come to playing with their Star Wars action figures since they were kids. The same can be said for superheroes – people love watching their favorite heroes on screen, regardless of how childish the character’s objectives may be. Sometimes the buildup can be too much and we need something to soothe our inner child before we blow a gasket like we're waiting for presents on Christmas eve. Our Top Seven Upcoming Superhero Movies is just that, a means to feed the hype machine desperately seeking to make its appearance during your weekly staff meeting or in-between your pop quizzes and arduous statistics homework. My fellow superhero nerds, please enjoy!

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