5 in 5: Top Games You Can Finish in Five Hours or Less

When I was a boy I remember perusing the save contents of my PlayStation memory card and noting with astonishment that the play clock on my latest Final Fantasy VII file had almost hit 90 hours. “The best games are the longest games,” I thought. Fast forward a little bit and as a teenager, I saw that several days of my life had been spent playing World of Warcraft. “Will I regret this?” I wondered. About the time I was considering dropping out of a few classes at the University of Tennessee I realized that my Soul Calibur 4 play clock went well over a thousand hours. “I'm sick,” I realized, “I should really spend less time staring at a screen.” There are plenty of incredible games out there, new and old, that won't drain countless hours out of your life. Here I've selected my 5 favorite games that you can finish in 5 hours or less.

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