CheatCC’s Guide to Owning n00bs in Black Ops 3

There's no substitute for great aim and lightning fast reflexes, but if you were not endowed with those predatory FPS skills that seem to come so naturally to some, how are you to compensate? Everyone loves being in the top 3 at the end of a Black Ops 3 match - it's like you're on stage. The whole lobby is forced to stare at that offensive emblem you worked so hard on; that awesome armor you just unlocked; the condescending emote you just liberated from a rare supply drop. If you're patient enough to wait on your specialist's ability meter to charge, there's still hope for even the most docile among you to transform into feared, foaming-at-the-mouth killers. If your kill / death ratio needs some serious beefing up, you might want to consider using one of these 5 specialist abilities.

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