5 Awesome Games Totally Worth the Wait!

Halo: Combat Evolved

2 halo 2122016.jpg

This is the first-person shooter that changed everything. I don't think I've ever had more fun playing a multiplayer game than I had at Halo LAN parties. The action, visuals, and physics were so impressive, and so conducive to players making up their own games to play. I remember having fits of laughter with my friends as we'd load up big maps with Warthogs and rocket launchers, just to see how much mayhem we could cause and how far we could launch a Warthog into the air. Though Halo as we know it was released in 2001, did you know that development actually began in the mid '90s, and back then it was going to be a third-person strategy game. Do you know who first announced it? Steve Jobs! Jobs and Bungie revealed Halo at the 1998 Macworld Conference and Expo, stating that it would release simultaneously for PC and Mac. Ironic how that actually turned out, huh?

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