The Greatest Genesis Games of All Time!

This week’s top ten retro-flavored list comes at you courtesy of two dudes standing in line at the local grocery store earlier this week. Two of my fellow gamer nerds were having the most epic discussion about the greatest video game consoles of all time. These dedicated controller bums were hardcore nerding out just a few feet from the checkout counter. Guy 1 argued that the original Nintendo was the best system ever while Guy 2 argued that the N64 was king over all. After checking out, the two briefly paused their discussion to grab their bags from the bagger. I took full advantage of this opportunity and chimed in with the assurance of a Bigfoot spotter, “The Sega Genesis was certainly the best of all time.” Thus, In honor of my two fellow gamers, I give you the ten best games to hit the greatest video game system of all time - enjoy!

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