7 Reasons XV Will Be the Best Final Fantasy Ever
Final Fantasy XV

After watching Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV, I'm convinced that this is going to be the best Final Fantasy ever. This is coming from a long-time fan, and I'm picky; I still haven't played a Final Fantasy that tops VII or Tactics in scope or impact. Perhaps the closest we've come to Final Fantasy greatness since the PlayStation 1 days is in Final Fantasy XIV. This game looks different, though. You can tell see the hearts and souls of an entire team of committed developers and story-tellers in every trailer, and I haven't been this intrigued by a video game in a very long time. This could be the big one folks; not only the best Final Fantasy yet, but also the game of the year. I have my reasons for saying so, and in honor of my favorite Final Fantasy, here are seven of them:

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