The 7 Best Games for Couch Potatoes

We're a generation of recluses, we are. We do all of our shopping on Amazon, we can order our food on tablets now, and when we want to play multiplayer games we don't need to invite friends over – we just hop online and play with randos without a microphone plugged in. Remember the good 'ol days of sitting next to a friend, neighbor, or loved one on the couch and working together to get through a tough stage or finish a game in one sitting? Remember the screams, the prodding elbows, and the sides of your mouth aching from smiling and laughing? Those days can be yours once again! Couch co-op is alive and well in 2016, so let's party like it's 1999. Call up a friend, get them to ask their mom if they can come over (even if they're 40), order a pizza on the phone (not on your tablet), and sit down with one of these games.

Image Credit: Nimarra

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