7 Reasons You Need a PS4 Pro
ps4 pro cover 9192016.jpg

The PlayStation Meeting finally came and went and it was... underwhelming. The new PS4 and PS4 Pro have been revealed, but Sony made a mistake by presenting their latest hardware innovations to a room full of sober, sedated press. It was a bit of a bore, really. What's worse, the majority of Sony's target audience were watching a livestream of the event on their 1080p monitors. The true wonder of 4K and high dynamic rage was completely lost on those of us who couldn't be there in person to see these games running on Sony's enormous $60,000 panels. Since Sony did such a poor job explaining to the average gamer why it's worth upgrading to PS4 Pro, it looks like it's up to me to explain why this fugly black box is actually worth your money.

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