Top 10 Indie Games

Dungeon of Elements (Frogdice Games)


This game combines a lot of my favorite stuff. It starts with character creation. Then it moves into a really interesting, story-driven RPG where the combat screens have more in common with Dr. Mario than anything else. Given my longing for there to be a new Dr. Mario game, Frogdice has quickly twisted, wiggled, and tapped this game into the top spot on my countdown. There are a lot of indie games out there these days, but there have been few that have held my attention like this one. Just about the time I thought I was going to be through with it, I found another dungeon I loved playing in and just couldn’t stop. The coolest part about this game is the fact that it sits safely within the lore of the games that this company has been making since 1996, and some of the bosses are player-created characters from their other titles! This game will be available for PC in August of 2013.

Travis Huber
Contributing Writer
Date: May 31, 2013


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