7 Games That’ll Scare the S#%T Outta You!
5-30-17 girlplayinghorrorgame.png

Fear, terror, dread, and horror: these are all the “darker side” of feeling. We feel all of these emotions when something wicked our way comes. The sight of the swirling clouds of an impending tornado formation, the sound of a blaring car horn and screeching tires getting louder as it heads our way, and the smell of bitter and overpowering smoke as we realize something in our place of living is on fire are all real life applications of fear and terror. In the video game universe, sometimes we want to feel simulated horror. Sometimes, rather than feeling nothing at all, we want to be afraid. Here in this list we've compiled seven games that we believe will definitely give you that sense of dread that you crave. Or if you don't, maybe you are just feeling brave. If that the case, you might seek an alternate list. This is for those looking to have the literal piss scared out of them. Let us begin...

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