7 Tired Horror Gimmicks We're Sick Of


7-11-17 Sweettooth .jpg

This is an interesting one, since I've known people who are genuinely terrified of clowns. Not the zombie/demon, make-up wearing, fanged creatures that appear in many horror movies, but just regular happy clowns. There's admittedly something very disturbing about a face that appears happy all the time. It's like your neighbor that never seems to have a bad day in their life, but they give off that sociopath vibe like nobody's business. No matter what kind of clown we're talking about, they've been everywhere in scary games for a while. Back in the days of Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), clowns were scary. But I think it's time we come up with a new kind of villain, a new scary bump in the night. It's time to retire the goofy laughter and layers of caked make-up that is the horror clown.

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