Top 7 Pirate Games You Need to Play NOW

Plundered Hearts

7-18-17 PlunderedHearts.jpg

I always like to include something that's fairly unknown in these lists, and I feel I may have succeeded this time around. Entry one in my list of pirate games that you definitely need to play is Plundered Hearts. This was an interactive story released on various computer platforms. It was created by Infocom as its first and last romance game. You play as a young woman in the 17th century who has found out that her father is sick. She must travel to the West Indies to be with him as he possible lay dying. However, her ship is attacked by pirates and she is kidnapped. Throughout the rest of the game, the main character works with Nicholas Jamison to defeat the villain, Jean Lafond. There are plenty of cheesy romance novel situations and lines mixed in. But all in all, Plundered Hearts is remembered as a rather solid puzzle adventure game.

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