Top 7 Secrets of a “Girl Gamer”

The term “gamer girl” is a stereotype that's been around for quite some time. It's had fluctuating meanings over the years, but it's pretty easy to generalize the definition. A gamer girl is a sexy woman who streams video games online with her boobs hanging out. A gamer girl could be someone who posts provocative pictures of herself related to gaming, like playing in her undies or posing naked with controllers/consoles. Gamer girls have also been that one chick in World of Warcraft who flirts with everyone to get free stuff.

I'm sure repeating all of this is really like beating a dead horse. We all know what gamer girl means and has meant over the years. But as time goes on, people are beginning to learn that stereotype is just that, a generalization of a whole group of gamers. Girl gamers are here, we're real, and here's a few things you maybe didn't know about us.

Image Credit: Matt Hofmann Photography

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