Top 5 Game Studios Killed by EA

Bullfrog Productions

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Founded in 1987 by Les Edgar and Peter Molyneux, Bullfrog Productions started off strong with the release of Populous, which spawned several sequels and paved the way for Bullfrog’s assortment of popular strategy and management games. Notable titles include Syndicate, the Theme series (e.g. Theme Hospital), and Dungeon Keeper, the last of which was released after Bullfrog’s acquisition by EA in 1995. Unfortunately, 2001 saw the death of Bullfrog as a separate entity, as it was merged into EA UK. The good news is that some of Bullfrog’s licenses still live on today. However, they’ve been met with everything from decent praise (2012’s Syndicate) to outright backlash (2014’s Dungeon Keeper).

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