Top 7 Star Wars Characters We Miss in Battlefront II

12 years out from the original, and EA’s “revision” of Star Wars: Battlefront II has been released. 12 years is a lot of time that could be spent tweaking the pre-established mechanics and characters, as well as creating new content, right? When it comes to the game’s cast, that’s a definite “no”, as 2017’s Battlefront II sports 14 heroes at launch, compared to over two dozen in the original. Sure, it’s doubtful that 2005’s Battlefront II had all those at launch, and EA has announced plans for content updates that’ll include new heroes. However, Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t an annual franchise; at least, not yet. At the very least, would it have been too much to ask for these classic characters to be included in the 2017 release?

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