The 10 Most Tragic Deaths in Gaming History

Baby (Super Metroid)

metroid 13018.jpg

The story of Metroid is that of a hardened, badass bounty hunter discovering a terrifying, dangerous organic presence and developing a renewed sense of compassion as their paths continue to cross. In Metroid II, Samus is sent to completely eradicate the Metroid race, sending her to their home planet for the ultimate purpose of genocide. She encounters a Metroid just as it hatches, mere moments before the job is done. The baby imprints on Samus, helping her escape. Super Metroid is about Samus chasing after the baby after her rival, Ridley kidnaps it. In the end, after nearly being killed by a ressurrected Mother Brain, Samus watches as the baby comes back as a grown Metroid and sacrifices itself to save her. It's a simple, yet effective story told through quiet moments and atmosphere instead of dialogue, over the course of three games.

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