10 Video Game Soundtracks That’ll Rock Your Joystick

The importance and popularity of music in video games cannot be understated. In fact, video game music is so popular that Tommy Tallarico - known for his work on games such as Advent Rising and Tomorrow Never Dies - recently raised over $150,000 in a week to help fund a new “Video Games Live” album, featuring fantastic orchestral covers of various video game tunes.

In the same way as it does for movies, music is critical to establishing the tone of the scene, giving players a reason to laugh, cry, or fight. For the purposes of this list, though, we’re focusing on the “fighting” one, as we count down ten soundtracks that really get our blood pumping. To help narrow things down, only scores that primarily feature heavy-hitting tracks are included; sorry, Bloodborne, you’ve just got too much downtime.

Cover Image Credit: Video Games Live

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