Top 5 Biggest Asses in Gaming (But Not the Way You Think)

Pokemon Red and Blue's Rival


Gary Oak memes abound, mostly aiming to capture how ridiculously boisterous the guy is. In Pokemon Red and Blue, the player’s rival is essentially Gary Oak but with the capacity to really mess with your day.

For starters, he’s equally boisterous and doesn’t hesitate to throw a quick jab in your direction. One can forgive that, though. His real sin is in his timing and location. When you and your pokemon are on the precipice of death, who should show up but your rival to challenge you? The ass always seems one step ahead of you.

Worse, it doesn’t matter how many times you beat him, it seems you can never drive an ounce of humility into that thick skull of his. Maybe this is why, in the game’s opening moments, the Professor utters something like “this is my Grandson… erm… what was his name again?” It’s not that the Professor has a bad memory but, rather, is trying to block out his terrible excuse for a grandson. That’s my thinking, anyway.

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