Top 10 Most Kick-Ass Fighters of All Time
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It's pretty cool to be a fighting game fan in 2018. There was a bit of a rough period there for a bit, when Capcom was riding the Street Fighter IV wave and making bad decisions, but now that we're in a period of economic recovery, smaller and mid-size Japanese publishers are firing on all cylinders and fighting games are booming again. Even on our side of the world, games like Mortal Kombat are flying high too. In fact, we're on the cusp of a new Mortal KombatSoulcalibur, and even Dead or Alive. Now feels like a good time to talk about our favorite fighitng games, in celebratory fashion. I'm not gonna go too hard into obscurity (although shout out to the Melty Blood crowd), but please enjoy this list of great fighters.

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