Top 5 Games You’ll Hide From Your Parents

Dante's Inferno


Okay, so Dante's Inferno doesn’t just have scenes that you don’t want your parents to see, it has entire levels. In particular, the circle of lust level can get pretty bad. Not only is the level filled with nudity, but the topless boss, Cleopatra, forces the protagonist to grope her, moans a bunch, and then kills him. There’s also a tower that is probably modeled after a dick. In fact, this game has a ton of dick in it.

I used to work at Gamestop and sold countless copies of Grand Theft Auto and other mature titles to parents who were buying it for their very young kids. Dante’s Inferno is the only game that ever got me yelled at by a concerned parent demanding their money back. From then on, I told parents about what was in the game and they refused to buy it. Grand Theft Auto IV remained fine, though, because “it’s nothing they won’t see in school.”

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