7 Games That Got Worse With Age

Darkened Skye

7-3-18 Aged Poorly Darkened Skye USE.jpg

Here's a title that hearkens back to the days of the GameCube. I first got my hands on Darkened Skye at rental store I frequented as a child. It seemed like your typical action-adventure game, with a cute female protagonist. But as soon as you started giving it a play, the weirdness set in. The entire goal of the game is to collect Skittles (yes, the candy coated fruit flavored confectionery) and restore the rainbow that once covered the sky. This was a bizarre tie-in back then, but it would feel even more bizarrely out of place now. The combat system was awful and forgettable, and of course the graphics are severely out of date. (Though, they are not as bad as some others on our list!)

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