Top 10 Uncanny X-Men Games

X-Men: The Arcade Game

arcade 73118.jpg

X-Men: The Arcade Game is a bonafide classic. Back when companies like Konami were able to get the near-bankrupt Marvel licenses on the cheap, games like this were plentiful, cheaply made, and high quality. There was a lot more creative freedom in those days, and less Hollywood source material (none) to be wrapped into. This game was pretty impressive, as it was a brawler that could support six players. This required the original setup to have two CRT screens, and while that meant a small divide in-between, it was still awesome to get a full group going. But when X-Men: The Arcade Game was eventually re-released on last-generation consoles, the divide was gone, and the full six players was even supported on PS3. Play this game if you can, although it's no longer available for legal purchase.

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