Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters of All Time


Auron (FFX)


Auron is one of our favorite characters in the Final Fantasy series. He was a summoner’s guardian twice. His first time was as a young and high-spirited guardian to Lord Braska. During this task, he served Lord Braska with Jecht, a blitz-ball phenom and all-around smartass, before being killed while facing Yunalesca. His spirit was not sent to the Farplane, but rather, he remained in the world so he could fulfill a promise made to Jecht that he would protect his son, Tidus. So the unsent Auron parties up with Braska’s daughter, Yuna. Jecht, as Sin, brings Tidus to Yuna and Auron and they begin Yuna’s pilgrimage as a summoner. You build a party of awesome characters, but Auron is always the strong and insightful one. He is ronin in the truest sense of the word. He drinks sake and carries his sword arm in his coat as a sign that he is a warrior with no master.

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