Top 5 Best Handhelds of All Time

Game Boy Advance

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At its core, the Game Boy Advance was a vibrantly colored battery sucker that was capable of playing a large range of Nintendo classic games with a supporting cast of some really strong third party developers. It ported over phenomenal Super Nintendo-era games, and also gave us some interesting titles from Capcom like Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hands. It could hook up to the Nintendo GameCube for some novel experiences, and also had weird gadgets like the Nintendo e-Reader. I loved this thing.

What was even better about it were its iterations. Eventually, the SP model came out and featured an integrated backlight. It was also rechargeable, which was a godsend. I am also in love with the micro series of the Game Boy Advance which seems perfectly designed to be attached to a keychain.

For me, it was also a bastion of Final Fantasy titles, and that’s a very strong selling point for nerds of my persuasion.

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