5 Reasons Why the Next-Gen Will Suck

Growing Pains

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With any new platform comes a whole host of problems. Call these growing pains, call them technical speed bumps, but the fact is it's always rough the first year. Not only will there be a litany of patches and updates that will be pushed out on a continuous basis, but the infrastructure itself can morph drastically and completely change from where it started.

Microsoft is a great example, as it was hugely criticized for its vision of what it wanted the Xbox One to be at launch. Focusing way too much on media and television (with a huge tie to motion sensing and the failed Kinect add-on), the Xbox One has only recently evolved into the awesome hardware it is today. That is due to a lot of trial-and-error, community feedback, and pivoting we all had to suffer through before that ship was finally put on a correct course. Prepare for more of that very soon. 

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