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Sega Genesis Mini


The miniature console craze has been going strong, with many classic game collections and console replicas that look great on a shelf and allow fans to revisit the classics in style. The Sega Genesis Mini is an especially great product, as it fills in several blanks left by other licensed Sega Genesis clone consoles. It also includes multiple rare games that haven’t seen the light of day since their original publication, and at least one that has never been officially available at retail.

Featuring the likes of Capcom and Konami along with Sega among others, the Sega Genesis Mini has a carefully considered selection of classic games and titles that defined the platform. This device is also one of the few places you’ll see Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, and uh, Mickey Mouse all in the same place. From grinding levels in Phantasy Star IV to desperately tearing presents open to defend yourself from Earthlings in ToeJam and Earl, this set truly represents the strange vibe and variety that made the Sega Genesis stand out in the first place. And if having several classic games running off a HDMI-enabled replica of an iconic console somehow isn’t enough, you also get treated to a special menu interface featuring a brand new music from Sega legend Yuzo Koshiro.

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