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We don’t have to rely on only monitors and TVs to play games anymore. There are plenty of other options. For example, projects are becoming more and more viable, given how often people travel, the way the price on them is dropping, and the technology behind them becoming more accessible to users of all skill levels. This is especially true when it comes to certain BenQ products. Of course, we get full size projectors from them, but what can be real handy is something like a Portable Projector with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker GV1. This device is designed to go anywhere with you as you work and play.

This BenQ portable projector is good to go. It has an immersive chambered audio bluetooth speaker, so you can hear what you’re projecting easily. There’s a USB-C port, for if you want to directly show something, and you could stream to it with a Wi-Fi connection. You could even have it stream your PC games, if you’d like. Just plop it down, point it at a big, blank surface, and enjoy your media anywhere you might be. It even has a Smart TV app, to make it easier to watch everything. Plus, you don’t have to worry about its firmware, as over-the-air live updates head in to keep things completely covered for you.

CheatCC Holiday Guide 2019

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