CheatCC's 2019 Cody Awards

Best Role-Playing Game


Final Fantasy XIV has been around for what seems like ever, but here’s the thing. Since the relaunch, in which the creators literally nuked the world with a meteor, Final Fantasy XIV has only gotten better. Each new expansion is practically a brand new game. From the outside, you may have been confused to see such a resurgence of interest and influx of new players going gaga over this creaky, old MMO. That would be because Shadowbringers, 2019’s expansion, is arguably one of the best games in the Final Fantasy series, let alone a good, grindy chunk of MMO. From storytelling that blends horror with modern social commentary, to kickass music and some really neat visual flare, there is just a ton of stuff to dig into with Shadowbringers. The best part is that if you’re new to the game, you can either skip ahead to the new stuff or have several games’ worth of content to plow through.

2019 Cody Awards

While our winner is a long-running service game with a new chapter, our runner-up is a brand new game that gives many fans (and possibly this developer) some closure. It’s no secret that Obsidian got a raw deal with Fallout: New Vegas, yet still managed to make an incredible game despite it all. But in the wake of what happened there, it seemed like Obsidian wouldn’t touch that space again. Enter Outer Worlds, which is basically a new Fallout game without the burden of IP. (That is sort of a blessing of its own, due to recent Fallout happenings.) It’s an original game that is full of heart and love from its creators, but will still feel familiar to fans who loved what Fallout used to be. That’s a real achievement and a testament to what sometimes troubled developers can do when they have the proper time and space to breathe.

2019 Cody Awards


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