Top 5 Games (You’ll Wanna Rage-Quit)



I love this Ikaruga. Its developers, Treasure, are known for fine-tuned, novel experiences that often go under-appreciated, but remain fiercely loved by a loyal following.

Ikaruga, which has seen its fair share of ports at this point, has aged phenomenally well. I believe that’s because of its simple mechanics. Truly, this is an example of a game that’s easy to understand, but difficult to master. Whether it be in single player or co-op, the game is chaos.

Players pilot a ship that can flip its polarity between white and black. White polarity can absorb white bullets and black polarity can absorb black bullets. But your polarity also dictates the type of weapon you’re firing. Enemies also have polarity, so switching between attack and defense at the right moment is key. The game is frustrating enough to survive, and replaying to achieve a high score presents new challenges.

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