Top 10 Sequels (No One Asked For)
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Most of the time, it's pretty apparent when a video game is going to get a sequel. It was either super well-received critically, commercially, or a little bit of both. Even if it's just well-received but bombs financially, chances are someone will try at least a second time, even if it takes a while.

But sometimes, games will get sequels seemingly out of nowhere, as if reality happened differently in another timeline, but the sequel from the other universe somehow slipped through a wormhole to our side. Games that were mediocre at best still sometimes get sequels. And even more wild is that sometimes those sequels are actually good games. Or sometimes, a game will come out of a place like Japan and get localized with a number, despite the other numbers before it never being translated. In that case, everyone is just confused.

Anyway, here are ten cool games that are sequels nobody (yes that's hyperbole, gimme a break) asked for.

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