10 Scary "S#%t Your Stocking" Game Characters!

We’ve seen a lot of strange and frightening content through the history of gaming. As we all know, monsters can take quite a few shapes and forms. They can also deal with very specific fears and feelings. The hardest thing for a list like this is the fact that fear is subjective. There are personal fears. Even the universal fears like the loss of identity, control, or family can have very personal expressions. This means that some monsters might not resonate the same way with other people.

Now that we’ve gotten the personal aspect out of the way, there is also a ton of material to draw from. Aside from the traditional examples like zombies, ghosts, vampires or creatures out of real-world mythology and folklore, there are creatures and monsters specific to individual games as well. Now, let’s dive into the monsters that scare us all year round!

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