10 Scary "S#%t Your Stocking" Game Characters!

The Wendigo - Until Dawn

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In Until Dawn, one of the truest antagonists comes from Cree folklore. The wendigo, even if it hadn’t been used for this game, is terrifying to begin with. The basic idea of how a Wendigo came about is simple. Those who harmed the land or the creatures on it in Cree land would become cursed with misfortune. If that misfortune led to cannibalism for the sake of survival, the curse would take a darker turn, mutating their physical form, twisting their mind, and giving an insatiable taste for human flesh. There are various historic instances where this came from, and the mountain that the game is set on is based around one of the instances.

In the game itself, the Wendigo that spends the most time directly haunting the group is tied to the tragic prank-gone-wrong that acts as the prologue. Hannah flees the cabin after a mean-spirited prank and Beth chases after her. The Makkapitew, one of the most powerful Wendigo, starts hunting them. While the Stranger able to kill the hunting Wendigo, it’s too late to save the girls from falling off the cliff. Beth died, but Hannah survived with a broken leg. After enough time, she eats Beth’s corpse succumbing to the Wendigo, slowly losing her mind, identity, and human form.

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