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We have to go back… to the future with Neca. This year, Neca has some radical, tubular Back to the Future figures for people to collect. Each one is highly detailed,with intricate accessories and even extra heads, to allow you to shift things around and recreate your favorite scenes with Marty and Biff. There’s a 7” Back to the Future Ultimate Marty McFly, a 7” Back to the Future Biff, and a 7” Back to the Future Part 2 Marty.

Sporting his signature vest and denim jacket, Back to the Future Ultimate Marty is ready to meet Doc Brown at the Twin Pines Mall parking lot with camcorder, backpack, and skateboard in hand. Marty also comes with an alternate sunglasses head and a guitar, primed to blow out the giant speaker in Doc’s lab from the movie’s opening scene. The Back to the Future Part 2 Marty is wearing the auto-adjusting jacket and self-lacing sneakers, and includes multiple heads and hands, with future soda and hoverboard accessories!

CheatCC Holiday Guide 2020

Finally, dressed in his Enchanment Under the Sea Dance outfit, Ultimate Biff features the licensed likeness of Tom Wilson and comes with interchangeable heads, hands, the Gray’s Sports Almanac and Case from Part 2!

CheatCC Holiday Guide 2020

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