10 Games That Would Make Great MMOs




Twice now, Pandora has brought us four well-designed characters to play through an enormous landscape with. But I see room for more. Gratuitous gore, brilliant humor, and bizarre characters aside, one of the best things about Borderlands is tweaking your skill tree to fit your playstyle. We’ve all had thoughts like “This skill goes with this gun, which will set off this kill-skill, which will boost the power of my unique ability, which will up my badassitude by 96.5%!” This is fun in and of itself; the branches of each vault hunter’s skill tree mesh together very well. But some of the best combinations I can think of aren’t allowed, because I’d have to mix Lilith and Axton together. That’s why I want to see my own vault hunter who I can customize down to the last scar and kill-skill. Add in some dungeon-ized arenas (we might need to borrow yours, Torgue), one of gaming’s most-loved weapon systems, and the increasingly complex Seraph Guardians cast as raid bosses, and Pandora would be looking better and more multiplayer-y than ever. 

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