The Total Package: 10 of the Smartest Sexy Girls in Gaming

We have all seen a ton of “boob-a-rific” articles about hot chicks this or sexiest girls that, but rarely do we see one about the smart girls in video games. They’re out there, and some of them are every bit as smoking hot as the usual drivel that we see in all the rest of the eleventy-billion ‘hot chick’ countdowns out there. So this time, it’s important that they are hot. However, more important than that, they actually have to have something going on between their ears and not just from the space below the chin to above the feet somewhere. We know we didn’t get them all; we only had ten spots. But truth be told, there are a great many more out there. These just happen to be our favorites. So unlike the Juliet Starling-Morrigan-DOA-girls countdowns, we give you the best ten ‘total packages’ of smart and sexy.

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