10 Gaming Fan Films We Loved

We all love games, and most of us love movies as well. But there are some fans out there that love games and movies so much that they decide to write, script and film their own stories featuring the characters from their favorite video game franchises. Now we have some pretty involved indie film fans within our merry little band of misfits, so we decided to put together a list of fan films featuring material from our fave game franchises. So to the film makers that put their effort into making these, good on you. To those of you that may not have made the list, keep cranking out the films anyway. You just never know when you might get that hit. Now honestly, I am not going to bother talking about any of these movies; I am going to let them speak for themselves. I tried really hard to stay away from larger indie film groups out there but some of these gems were honestly just too damn good to leave out. I have only listed the title of the game or franchise that inspired the film. The film titles themselves are represented at the link’s destination. So grab some popcorn and your favorite cold beverage and enjoy these fan tributes to some of the greatest franchises in gaming.

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