10 Hidden Messages: Easter Eggs You’ll Wish You’d Never Found

Monkey People


Halo has become one of the most notable gaming franchises ever. One of the things that it has become known for as well is its Easter Eggs. Things like skull hunts and glitches are to be found in nearly every iteration of the series, but in Halo 3, there is something truly random and a little disturbing. In the very beginning of the Sierra 117 level, kill all the Jackal Snipers from beginning to end and then return to the beginning of the level. On your right there will be an elevated area that you need to jump up to. Once you get there, get on the wall to your left and walk until it ends. Once you reach the end, look around. You’ll see a small family of monkey people, the largest of which is holding a teddy bear. They don’t move and you can’t kill them, but interestingly if you shoot them, they bleed.

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