Top 10 Gaming Zeroes

Peter Venkman


I have to include this character simply for the fact that while Venkman was an epic character in the films, Bill Murray just seemed really tired and bored with doing voice work for one of the characters that put him on the map. Oh sure, there were others, but old Pete brought Bill Murray up from comedy hero to household name. So how in the hell did he just sort of phone this one in and feel completely okay with it? I mean, I have seen Bill host blues festivals with more fire and fervor than this lump of crap. I wanted to love this game, and some part of me still does. But one of my favorite characters from the film franchise just made me sad in the game. It was so uninspired, so bland, so…well, just NOT Peter Venkman. Sorry Bill, but look at the bright side. Garfield was still worse than this so it’s not a total loss.

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