Oh Brother Where Art Thou: 10 Best Modern Co-Op Games

It’s no secret that we love video games. I can only surmise that you like or at least play video games of some sort since you landed here, reading this top ten. So given that, we all have different styles to our gaming habits. Some of us prefer the offline, go-it-alone style of game whole others of us prefer the more massive online kill-fests of a good Call of Duty match. But no matter your gaming style, there has always been some kind of magic involved when you could play your favorite game with a friend or friends. Sure, getting online and smashing hordes or real gamers in a Battlefield or CoD style game is great, but we are talking about the awesome experiences that co-op gaming can bring. Calling up your buddy and getting online to play through a story or adventure together really just kind of cements the whole immersive-ness of whatever game you are playing. So with that, we count down ten of our favorite modern co-op titles.

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