How to be Good at Twitch

Avoid Dead Air


This one may be a bit obvious. After all, who would want to watch a flavorless video when they could simply go and play the game themselves? Or, you know, watch someone else’s video. To make a video that’s worthwhile, you have to sell yourself as the entertainment and not the game. Nothing makes you seem more boring than absolute silence. Unfortunately, providing colorful commentary is an acquired skill and, early on, your videos are likely to have a lot of dead air. If it becomes too hard to fill a decent portion of your video with interesting things to say, consider recording a post-commentary instead. Despite popular belief, Let’s Plays don’t have to be done live. Write up a script, learn what people enjoy, and before long you’ll be getting better at improvisation. And if post commentary isn’t your thing, editing will be your best friend. Lost content is better than boring content, I promise.

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