Top 10 Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Picks

While Comic Con has become the mecca for nerdy news across the old interwebs, it really all comes down to the skin tight spandex. Even the most harden cynics have to admit, seeing the endless galleries of full-grown adults dressed like its Halloween looks pretty damn fun. I’ll admit, this year I got the bug. I couldn’t make it to the West coast for the actual convention, but I’ve decided to start my own cosplay adventure very soon. As I’ve mentioned in recent Comic Con coverage, Thomas Wayne’s Earth 2 bat suit is my goal. I love the conflicting visuals of Batman as a bad-ass gunslinger. But as this year’s buzz finally winds down, I thought it appropriate to end with a salute to those who were committed enough to show up in full costume regalia. Here are ten of my favorite picks I’ve recently seen come out of the 2014 event.

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