Nailed It!! 10 Tips For Bad Cosplay Survival

Let’s face it, cosplay is not for everyone. I know we all want to become our favorite character from something every once in a while. But there are times you need to take a look in the mirror and just say no. Or your friends, instead of being a-holes and letting you make a fool of yourself in public, should try to stop you or join in the idiocy, because we all know that there is safety in numbers. The last guy or gal you want to be at a function like SDCC or DragonCon is a fan boy or girl in a crappy costume. So without further ado, let’s roll through some of the worst cosplay issues and why some of them are actually pretty epic in their awfulness, as well as how to survive should you be faced with an upcoming con and no real way to rock an awesome cosplay.

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