10 Games That Destroy Friendships


Cooperative play with a friend is a gaming favorite, but even that can be surpassed by some good-old-fashioned co-opetition. Sure, it’s fun to work toward a common goal, but it’s much more entertaining to smack your friend off a cliff into a pit of spikes, pound their fighter into the dust, or watch as your infantry lays waste to their base. Here are ten games that encourage competition so thoroughly that even the best of friends will end up plotting against one another. And I’m just fine with that, because these games are also so good that you’re sure to keep coming back trying to one-up your buddy. Nothing forges friendships like devious scheming, right?

If you know of a competitive multiplayer game that didn’t make the list, be sure to let us know what’s great about it in the comments below. Better yet, if you’ve got a particularly hilarious story about a game that you’d like to share, post away.

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