Just Trying to Help…

So for those of you that keep up with pop culture events, the big news right now is that Miley Cyrus has posted a picture of herself obviously photoshopped with Nicki Minaj’s body from the cover of her ‘Anaconda’ album. And even though we think it’s weird and super-creepy to want to wear someone else’s body, we get it. We have all wanted to be someone else at times in our lives, but I am fairly certain none of us have ever photoshopped our heads onto Nicki Minaj’s body and posted it on the internet. If you have, well…you might like this article a little too much. Whatever the case, we took this opportunity to have a little fun with the star of the Bangers tour and post her head on some other bodies, to varying degrees of success. Hope you enjoy laughing at this as much as we did while we were making it. Without any further ado, and in all its absurd glory, here we go.

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