10 Movies That Would Make Great Games

Look back into the history of popular culture and you’ll find a number of examples of movies that tried to cash in on the hype surrounding big games in the field (here’s to you, Resident Evil!), and on the flip side, games that tried to replicate the magic in some of Hollywood’s biggest movie franchises. From Star Wars, to Alien, to the Disney movies and beyond, gamers have had the chance to play as some of their favorite heroes, anti heroes, and villains of the silver screen going all the way back to that classic of Atari bombs, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (coming soon to a New Mexico landfill near you!).

But if you spend some times looking through the types of movies that have been brought to your consoles over the years, for better or worse you will likely notice that the vast majority of said games belonged first and foremost to the “blockbuster” genre. And that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as titles like Aladdin (Genesis/SNES), to TMNT, to Jurassic Park and all (well, almost all) things Skywalker, have taken gamers to places that they only could imagine about while sitting in movie theaters or on their couches and passively watching away.

I’m a big movie fan, though, and a recent conversation with a friend got me wondering why more of the less big-budget but nonetheless awesome movies found their way onto cartridges and discs for our playing pleasure. The answer, as my friend so succinctly told me (he’s good about putting me in my place with these things), is undoubtedly things like “money” and “licensing,” but I couldn’t help but wonder just what some of these movies would play like if given the proper introduction. So coming up next is a list of ten movies that would’ve, could’ve, and in some cases should’ve made really great video games. Just in case a bored developer is out there looking for fresh ideas. You can thank me later.

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