10 Champions for the Feminist Cause in Gaming

Alright. It’s time to get on my soapbox a little. People have been losing their freakin’ minds over this feminism thing since Emma Watson gave her speech to the UN the other day. But from what I can tell, the ones who are yelling the loudest are the very ones that missed the whole damned point. So I am here to shed some light on the fact that video games are not entirely male driven or pandered only to a knuckle-dragging, testosterone-laden populous that only cares about boobs and explosions. Okay, so we like those things too, but that’s not all we’re interested in. So yeah, feminism is good. And surprise nay-sayers, it already exists in video games. It may not be everywhere, but it’s farther along than other forms of entertainment media. Just watch an episode of True Blood or any of the Twilight movies and you’ll see what I mean.

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