CheatCC Recasts the X-Men Before Hollywood Does!

X-Men: Days of Future Past certainly hit the reset button for the franchise in a lot of ways. Because of the re-writing of the timeline, we not only undid much of the horrid events left behind from X-Men United (also known as X3 or rather “…the sequel we shall not speak of”) but it also laid a path for a very different future for our heroes. The stage is set to introduce the Age of Apocalypse storyline form the comics. And, as it looks to take place a good 20 years before the original X-Men film, we are inevitably going to be introduced to the original cast at much earlier points in their lives. As a result, many of our familiar faces will need to be replaced in-order to join those from First Class (as they’ll only be young adults by this point). Just for fun, we here at CheatCC thought we would recast the X-Men troupe before the upcoming film does, just to see how close we can get. Enjoy my fellow mutants!

Note: Some of these roles have already been cast or will be played by actors returning from Future Past. In those cases, I’ll instead be looking at their takes overall and where they take the characters from here.

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